August 31, 2015

About us

Mina Carey, RDH, BS, Manager

minaI graduated in 1990 with an Associate’s in Dental Hygiene from Middlesex Community College in Bedford, Massachusetts. Since that time, I have practiced as a dental hygienist in the Greater Boston Area, New Hampshire, and Wilmington, NC. In 2008, I returned to college to attend St. Francis of Joliet in Illinois. There, I completed my Bachelor’s of Science degree and provided myself not only an education, but also improved my opportunities for employment. My 25 years of experience working at both small and large practices, combined with my education, opened my eyes to the need for reliable and qualified temporary Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists.

To help me better understand the inner workings of how temporary dental employment agencies operate, I have been “temping” my services for the past 2 years in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and North Carolina. This has allowed me to gain a broader perspective of not only how a temporary agency operates, but also how various dental practices use the services provided by these agencies. By temping in these states, I fully understand the needs of both employees and employers.

The discovery that Wilmington, NC did not have a company dedicated to temporary dental staffing, led me to create Wilmington Dental Health Staffing (WDH Staffing). We are a full service-staffing agency for dental professionals in the Wilmington, NC area. I recognized that similar companies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire were vital in ensuring a full schedule for practices. They played a huge role for both long and short-term success. I want to bring this success to you! This is the last piece of the staffing puzzle you will need as a dental professional or dental office. We will fill your needs where and when you need them.

You are just what we’re looking for at Wilmington Dental Health Staffing!